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If you are a Wisconsin fireworks enthusiast or a Minnesotan seeking out Wisconsin fireworks for sale, we will meet all of your WI fireworks needs! Each year thousands of Minnesota residents buy legal Wisconsin fireworks. We invite you to stop in to see our wide selection of the more than 1,000 types of Wisconsin fireworks for sale here at Buffalo Fireworks. We guarantee our fine Wisconsin fireworks, because we go through the rigorous steps to ensure the highest quality.

Our Wisconsin fireworks have been selected by our fireworks experts because of their top quality fireworks characteristics.  All of our fireworks are protected and stored in a humidity-controlled environment. We promise to replace any fireworks products that do not ignite properly. Due to our outstanding quality control standards, in 2009, we only had 3 total items returned out of the 5 ½ semi loads that we sold!

Our Wisconsin fireworks are the maximum legal load allowed by Wisconsin state law. Wisconsin fireworks can be up to 500 grains of powder. Minnesota’s legal limit is 200 grains of powder per item. We carry all types of legal Minnesota and Wisconsin fireworks for sale.